‘The Sex Squad’ Actually Teaches Kids About Safe Sex

The only thing I remember about my sex education course in high school (also known just as “health” to avoid course-naming controversy in public school) was that I was partnered up with a guy friend to make a poster about crabs and it was torturously embarrassing. I also remember that I signed up to take it as a summer course so I wouldn’t have to sit through listening to my gym teacher during the slow-moving school year lecture about how if you have sex “you will get chlamydia and you will die.” What we actually learned, I don’t really remember. I’m pretty sure Hollywood and the news have educated me more about safe sex than those six weeks during the summer I was 15.

But Los Angeles area public schools are getting a newer and more effective type of sex ed. A group of UCLA students, called “The Sex Squad,” performs songs and skits to local high schools to teach them about safe sex and HIV/AIDS prevention. While being brutally honest and probably offensive to a lot of people, the performances have actually helped high schoolers retain the information they’re learning about sex safe and the lifelong harms of STDs. Take a look at a few samples performances of The Sex Squad.

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