How Much Would You Pay For This Manicure?

It’s called a moon manicure and I believe I would pay $17 for it. That’s not what it costs, though!

I’m lying. I don’t get manicures. I don’t like making awkward conversations with strangers who are slicing and dicing my cuticles for long periods of time.

But it’s a nice manicure.

It’s cooler than the $10 kind the Korean place outside the office offers.

It costs $28 (without tip). It’s available at Haven in SoHo, and to be fair, everything in SoHo is stupid expensive. But $28 just seems pricey for something that’s going to chip off in a week. But it is pretty cute. Worth it?

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    • Meg

      Yes, for a special occasion or perfect outfit or I just broke up with my boyfriend.

    • Beth

      Psh, don’t pay for manicures! I do them myself, did this a little while ago. You can get these little tape things at the drug store for doing french manicures, and for this you just move them further down the nail! They are super easy :)

    • Valentine

      Hmmm. I pay $30 for basic polish manicures. I guess I’m in some very strange minority. But then again I’m a giant clean freak and don’t mind overpaying if I get the sense that the salon/spa is VERY clean and everything is hygienic.

    • Jen Dziura

      Valetine, are you in New York? This is one of those things I’ve noticed is WAY cheaper in NYC, because there’s so much competition driving down prices. Same with getting your teeth whitened, etc.

      • Jennifer Wright

        Teeth whitening? I didn’t know that. That makes me want to try it. But I do constantly marvel that I can get my heels repaired for $6 dollars, whereas in small towns I have to hunt down the one dude in town who can MAYBE do it, and pay $20. Obviously, it doesn’t balance out with the rent, but it’s still nice.

      • Valentine

        I think you have a point. I pay $30 in a pretty standard Northern CA suburb, probably because there are a ton of cheap-o nail salons but very few upscale salons that also offer spa services. So they can pretty much charge what they wish.