Norwegian Boss Makes Female Employees Wear Red Bracelets When They’re On the Rag

In America, this would look like a Kabbalah bracelet. But apparently, in Norway, they’re required at one company so that a male boss will understand why certain female employees are using the bathroom more often.

I have a great idea – what about a quick way to mark employees who ask for certain holidays off? I know! How about some kicky yellow stars? Yeah, good idea. Those’ll be really noticeable from a distance. And while those red bracelets sure are cute accessories, what about something you can see from further away? There’s a special on bulk orders of HI I’M ON THE RAG PLEASE GET AWAY FROM ME AND MY LADY GERMS T-shirts at Costco.

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    • Hannah Rose Siegel

      That is absolutely insane.

    • Eileen

      Aside from the clear stupidity, I don’t see how ONCE EVERY FOUR HOURS is “more often.”

      If I were Norwegian, I would never wear one. Debating whether I’d say I was on birth control and skipping the placebos or start crying and go into a long sob story about the failure of my reproductive system.

    • Tass

      Oh good lord. I am Norwegian, and thankfully I work for the state, ’cause I didn’t know this was going on! A couple of years ago the German cheap ‘supermarket’ Lidl set up shop in Norway with a similar policy (girls required to wear headbands to be allowed to go to the toilet more often while on their period), and the public was outraged – the company soon had to give up on the Norwegian market, as noone would shop there. I always thought that it was ridiculous of Lidl to try that here – as Norway has some of the best worker’s right laws in the world, but clearly not. But trust now that it’s public, regulations will be set in place to stop this – it’s what we do.

    • meranie

      I may just wear my beads all the damn time just to maintain a level of mystery.

      Ugh, people.

    • Meg

      Part of me thinks this is hilarious,by the way what color bracelet do I wear when I’m going to punch my boss in the face?

    • Jitter

      I think its a good idea.

    • Lindsay Hartman

      I’m with Eileen, I would never wear one. If anyone asked, I would tell them bitterly that I just don’t have to worry about it. And then glare at them like they’ve just broke my heart.

    • MNiM

      This is ridiculous. I know I don’t have to mention here how sexist this is (though it bears repeating, so I will, and I think it probably constitutes some form of sexual harassment as well). But on top of that all of which is valid and needs to be said, it’s also pointless. There are countless reasons why someone might need to use the bathroom (or to take longer using it).

      Medical conditions (whether temporary like an infection or ongoing) can cause increased frequency or duration of bathroom visits. And, frankly, I’m sure almost everyone has a friend who seems to take forever in there, and it’s not ’cause they’re shirking their share of the hanging-out-having-fun.

      So, if it’s pointless and useless you kinda have to wonder why the focus on something so private and personal unless the idea is deliberate humiliation?