• Tue, Nov 30 2010

7 Places to Wear Your Teva Stilettos

Yesterday, we posted about the heinousness that is the Teva stiletto. But your comments have gotten us thinking – where would a person wear these erstwhile shoes?

  • The formal dance at the end of summer sleepaway yoga and no-bathing camp
  • The Phish concert where you and your life partner have a commitment ceremony while being blessed with organic holy water
  • The supermodel-helmed fashion spreads in the inevitable relaunch of Outside magazine as a Maxim clone
  • The ashram where you spend $4,000 to live without plumbing or electricity for five days
  • The uberhip nightclub that Stefon from Saturday Night Live is reviewing for next week’s Weekend Update segment
  • The “Consumerism: Why Buying Things Is Sexy” panel you just got invited to speak on
  • The Gloss office, obviously
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  • Juliet

    to the zombie apocalypse!!

  • Cyn

    PERFECT for annoying the Boulder Jesus sandal contingent! They will be MINE.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Viewminder View Minder

    Sure I’ll share my granola with you Helga… I love your new Tevas!