Gallery: Female Celebs in Suits

Leighton Meester showed up to the Gotham Awards in a Thom Browne suit and honestly, she killed it. She looked sexy and effortless and cool. She softened the menswear-inspired outfit with feminine make-up, flowy hair and Faragamo heels, which might be why it worked like gang busters.

I tend to think women in suits look great. Of course, there are the occasional failures (lots of those ahead) but when it works, does it ever work.

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    • Laura

      How is Ellen Degeneres not in this gallery? She wears a suit every day and rocks it.

    • Lisa M.

      I have such a girlcrush on Janelle Monae it’s not even funny. Hadn’t seen some of those pics before – she rocks suits so hardcore! I love it.

    • Cat

      You forgot Diane Keaton in Annie Hall.