Video: The UGG Vaccine

Uggs just will not go away. The fluffy-boot epidemic continues to spread throughout the world. Is there anything you can do?

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    • Jo

      Everyone has the right to dislike Uggs, but I feel like this topic is overdone. Yeah, they’re not the most sleek and stylish looking boots around but lets face it—they are extremely warm and comfortable. When it’s 14° outside in the city, I’d much rather be wearing what feels like a stuffed animal around my feet than have my feet completely desensitized and nearly frost-bitten. And I’ll be the first to admit than when it’s below freezing, I stop giving a shit about what my winter-wear looks like, because I’m more focused on survival. I’ve never come across a pair of boots that are cuter, while being as warm as uggs.

      However, Uggs paired with mini skirts in Los Angeles… that’s another story.

      • k.

        I have to agree. There’s nothing anyone *should* do about UGGS. It’s a personal choice. If I choose to sacrifice glamour for comfort, I should do so at my own discretion. It’s cold out there, and the only thing that comforts me in such weather is knowing I’ll be warm and toasty.

    • bodo

      UGG boots killed wowriot.

    • Eileen

      My problem with UGGs is that they LOOK like snow boots (and therefore seem totally unfashionable to a girl raised on Montreal winters, because ew, why would you wear snow boots for fashion?) but are utterly useless in the snow…as all the girls who wear them discovered last year when there was a major snowstorm in my city and they realized the truth.

    • drea

      oh god, Iknow exactly what you mean. I live in wisconsin, where bad trends tend to stick longer than they do anywhere else, and last winter the standard classless, teenage hoochi uniform was spandex pants, a big puffy coat that cuts off right under your boobs, too much make-up, hair piled on you’r head like you on your way to prom, and uggs.

    • ShoeTease

      Yes, please make these horrid things go away. Australians laugh at the world for wearing Uggs as outdoor footwear when they have always been meant to be worn as slippers. Indoors! Ay.

      Uggs make me sad.