12 Great Plus Size Cocktail Dresses Under $200

It’s time once again for a holiday dress round-up, at the moment we’re featuring some great cocktail wear for fuller figures. Flattering and versatile throughout, in seasonable textures and colors, holiday-friendly cuts and styles, and all under $200, though per usual, we tried to favor frocks under $100. With lots of LBDs and lace, of course.

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    • Eileen

      So pretty! Especially #3 *covets the pretty dress*

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Yeah! #3 is great (I’m a sucker for purple, wines and plums), though my favorites are 8 and 12.

    • Lindsay Cross

      I love 8 and 12, and 3 for that matter, but my favorite is #5. I would buy that dress instantly and wear it anyday that I had work and evening plans. My boss would be happy and I wouldn’t have to bring a change of clothes to work. And it’s just plain cute!

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Oh yes! #5 is so great! I was hesitant to put it in because it is more of a day dress–as you pointed out, it’s perfect for work. But it also just looks so comfy and pretty that it’d be great for informal family holiday dinners.

    • sarah

      THANK YOU. It’s so hard to find recs for plus size dresses!

    • K

      How are some of these “plus size”? I’m a hair over 5’10 and weigh 155 lbs, which puts me smack dab in the middle of the ideal healthy weight range for my height. About half of these “plus size” women look to be similarly proportioned to me. Are they just “plus size” because they’re models, or is this actual “plus size” clothing?

      • Eileen

        I’ve clicked through to the sites, and they’re all actually sold in plus sizes. No word on whether or not the models had to have their dresses tailored.

      • faye

        plus size just means extra large and above. if you’re really tall with a medium build, you’re probably an extra large just based on the width of your shoulders

      • faye

        also, maybe i’m misinterpreting, but it sounds like you’re saying that “healthy” shouldn’t translate to plus size?

    • jen

      i love #3, too, but i can’t find it anywhere on the asos website! the link doesn’t seem to work now. :(