Poll: At What Point Do You Choose Comfort Over Looks?

via WTop News

There can be lots of times where the weather can negatively impact your looks.  Winter:  dry skin, static-y hair, chapped lips.  Summer:  humidity makes your hair look insane;  your makeup melts off a moment after applying it.  Rain:  frizzy, ridiculously-looking hair, sopping wet clothes.  Even a change in season can bring on negative beauty reactions.  At what point is the weather so extreme that you just say, “Fuck it.  I’d rather be comfortable than cute”?

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    • Jamie B

      This is probably an unpopular opinion here, but I “sacrifice” looks for comfort all the time. I would rather feel happy about what I’m wearing than feel like I might be impressing someone else with my hairdo. Why get up and get dressed for someone else’s benefit?
      (Not to mention, they don’t make clothes that look good with DDDs underneath unless you’re a hooker. And the bras that make those DDDs bearable aren’t sexy.)

      • Mrimm

        Oh boy do I agree with you. It’s very hard to find clothes that fit well with a weird bra size. I’m a 32 G and everything is too tight or too loose somewhere.

    • Emily

      I’ve decided that I look adorable in my parka and mittens, even if I’m occasionally mistaken for a ten year old boy.

      Also, I found long johns that fit under skinny jeans. My life is hugely improved

      • Chandra

        I’m with you there! I love my winter looks, all fluffy collars, big woolly hats, fingerless mitts – there’s more to style than red-carpet dresses and bikinis, y’know!