Does This Picture Make You Want to Play Rugby?

A women’s rugby team in New Zealand is trying to encourage more young women to get into the sport. Their strategy? An ‘artistic’ nude calendar. While that seems like a good way to earn money, it seems like a calendar full of naked women is more likely to get men to attend games than it is to get women to play sports. Or do these kinds of shots inspire you to want to be an athlete – or at least give you incentive for going to the gym?

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    • Meg

      It DOES inspire me to go to the gym, & or eat my weight in ice cream then kill myself.

    • Anna

      It inspires me to take a shower…

    • MNiM


    • audrey

      All the female rugby players I know are lesbian or bisexual. If they’re trying to get more lesbians and bisexual girls to play then I guess this is a good strategy.

    • rugger

      i am a woman who plays rugby and is not lesbian or bi, and this pic makes me want to play rugby