• Tue, Dec 7 2010

What Cancelled TV Show Do You Want to Bring Back?

EW has a list of great shows that only lasted one season, including Firefly, Profit, and (my favorite) Freaks and Geeks. What show’s cancellation are you the most bummed about?

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  • Shae

    Pushing Daisies! And definitely Firefly.

  • Hannah Rose Siegel

    Grounded for Life and Popular.

    • Hannah Rose Siegel

      In addition to Arrested Development.

    • marissa

      Popular was hilarious! I loved Mary Cherry!! Hilar.

  • Taylor

    Freaks and Geeks! And I’ve always been a sucker for The OC.

  • MV-P


  • Ashley Cardiff

    So many good ones. Carnivale, Firefly, Arrested Development.

  • kitsey

    None of the cancelled shows I like were mentioned. I liked Boomtown, K’Ville and Raines. I’m really into crime dramas!

  • Lizzy

    John Doe. Best thing Fox ever cancelled.

    Also, Pushing Daisies was great.

  • Terri

    Saving Grace with Holly Hunter

  • marissa

    I have to go with Arrested Development, but I also secretly loved that WB series, Related.

  • Girl

    Firefly, duh!
    And Dollhouse, and Pushing Daisies. Oh, and Heroes.

  • nickel burns


  • H


  • Lindsay

    Twin Peaks, hands down.

  • Corissia

    Dollhouse, it could have done better in the ratings if it had been marketed accurately.

    • Corissia

      Oh and “Life”, loved that show.

  • Jolene

    Dead Like Me – I miss the snark. And I’ll back Dollhouse as well.

  • Ashlee

    Flash Forward! Best show ever. I can’t believe ABC canceled it and brought back V. Ugh!

  • Maria

    Veronica Mars! that show was riveting

  • Jillian

    Freaks and Geeks! Friday Night Lights! Arrested Development! The OC! Summerland! Total Request Live! Caroline in the City! So Little Time! Felicity! Sweet Valley High! Hollywood Squares! Beautiful People!

  • Kacey


  • Bren

    Oh, Lord, MOONLIGHT! They were JUST getting started and we got the rug pulled out from under us!!!!!

  • arielle

    freaks and geeks

  • Jasmine O.

    REUNION!!!!!!!!!!! it was a show on FOX in 2005! and TRAVELER, it was on ABC the summer of 2007!!!!!

  • Brittany

    Pushing Daisies, it never got a full season.

  • esther

    Veronica Mars & Gilmore Girls!!!

  • Amanda



    Heroes was really good but I lost interest and didn’t watch the last season….

  • Rebekah Mae

    Firefly hand’s down! Best show ever.
    Then Dead Like Me.
    And Dollhouse. Though I don’t remember hearing they canceled it but judging by these comments…

  • Renee

    DEFINITELY Firefly and Dead Like Me :) 2 of my personal favorites!