Sink or Swim: Angelina Jolie At ‘The Tourist’ Premiere

Speaking of sweater dresses, Angelina Jolie wore Atelier Versace to the NYC premiere of The Tourist.

So, here’s the thing: she’s Angelina Fucking Jolie. She’s really, really pretty. Her make-up is that perfect smokey, matte brown eye paired with a glossy nude lip and fresh-scrubbed skin. She wore minimal accessories, so as not to distract from The Face. She knows what she’s doing.

But white shoes? White shoes? Is this ever a good idea?

And the gown is slit all the way up while the neckline plunges all the way down. That’s kind of having your cake and showing your birth canal, too.

Also, the hair: a weird combination of bouffant and limp. It’s like what would happen if you deflated Alexis Carrington.

I just don’t know. So, I’m asking you.

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    • Emily

      Close it up a bit and she’d be fine!