Poll: How Old Is Too Old to Live at Home?

According to Crazy Days and Nights, the most recent ex-Mrs. Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller, is 33 and lives with her parents. Also living with her parents are Sheen and Mueller’s young twin sons. While I can understand that she might need a place to crash following her divorce, I’m sure Mueller is making enough money in alimony and child support that she can afford her own place. I love my parents, but after about four days of sleeping in my old bedroom I’m chomping at the bit to get out.

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • Ellen W.

      I should qualify my vote by mentioning that I’m almost 30 and living at home. However I’ve managed to get out on my own a couple times. It just didn’t last.

    • MelbaToast

      Sure, parents can drive you crazy, but the emotional support you need when going through a divorce is something money can’t buy. And if your children are now down to one parent on a daily basis, the stability of grandparents from both a childcare and a purely emotional perspective can be indispensable.

      Now, tell me that the nanny moved in with them as well, and yes, that’s crazy. Also crazy: marrying Charlie Sheen to begin with.

    • Ireri

      I voted 25 because I’m 18 and pursuing a BSN, and should be registered by then…however, the tradition in my culture is that women live with their family until they’re married. I just don’t plan to stick around that long.

    • Sara

      I’m 25 and am living at home after running out of money while living in Chicago. Now I’m working full time, finishing my degree, paying on student loans, and saving so when I graduate from college I’ll be able to move back into the city and stay!

    • The Uncle

      I have a nephew who took 5 years to finish collage, has been fired from the 3 jobs he’s ever had (Pizza delivery 1 week, parking cars 4 months, and selling gutter cleaning services 1 year) He is a good kid, not a wise ass, but he doesn’t have a clue about life.
      He is now 29 going on 30, living at home and his parents haven’t done a thing to get his lazy ass out. It’s a real shame that so many kids today are in the same boat. No life, or future.