The Good Guy Gallery

There’s a common misconception out there about us, ladies, which is that we prefer the company of assholes to the company of good men.

Well, I’m here to dispute that un-truism, and I’m here to do it with a gallery. The following men are all, as far as I can tell, good people.

To define “good person” further, I’ll say that as far as I know they have never cheated on their partners, participated in dog-fighting, supported a political agenda that robs people of their rights, lied to the public or laundered money, among others. They all also give off that “good person” vibe, which I think is really what we’re after (if women are attracted to a bad-boy vibe, then in theory — the theory I’m about to disprove the shit out of — we would be unattracted to a good-guy vibe).

All that said, if I were single, I would tap each and every one of these if given the chance. Behold…the good (and hot, and sexy) guy gallery:

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    • Emily

      Blair Underwood is the most handsome person I have ever seen in real life.

    • Lilit Marcus

      Jon Stewart is the most handsome person whom I sadly have not seen in real life.

    • Emily

      Nathan Fillion!

      • Jaime

        My initial reaction was to agree wholeheartedly. With exclamation mark abuse.
        But then, both Capt Hammer and Castle has the bad-boy charm thing going. Then again, they’re just characters.

        Neil Partick Harris needs to be added too.

    • Cassie

      Gotta completely disagree with you on on your qualifications of a “good guy” not stealing a person’s rights – and then lumping Obama in with that crowd. Fine maybe rights are not the exact thing he’s stealing from the American people. He’s stealing their power by giving it all to government.

      I don’t need the government, thank you very much. I can handle my life just fine with out their interference.

      But holistically I agree with you – Good Guys are 10 times more preferable than bad boys – who, lets face it, probably just want their mommies.

    • Shilo

      Is Michael Cera an actual good guy or does he just play them in the movies?

      • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

        Actually, he is a good guy. One time, my friend was having lunch at a cafe and he happened to be there (score). Out of the blue someone ran by and grabbed my friend’s purse and ran off — and Michael Cera got up from his table to try to help! Legit good guy.

      • Colleen

        Michael Cera HAS to be a good guy…he’s Canadian! :)