Scientific Names for Sex-Related Phobias

Some people are afraid of sex. Some people are afraid of having not having sex. Wherever you might fall on the spectrum, here’s a list of some of the more common sexual phobias and their fancy code names.

  • Erotophobia – fear of everything related to sex
  • Coitophobia – fear of sexual intercourse (coitus)
  • Eromophobia – fear of being alone
  • Gymnophobia – fear of seeing naked bodies
  • Parthenophobia – fear of young or sexually innocent women
  • Oneirogmophobia – fear of wet dreams
  • Haptophobia – fear of being touched
  • Phagophobia – fear of swallowing
  • Ithyphallophobia – fear of erections
  • Medomalacuphobia – fear of losing erections
  • Agraphobia – fear of sexual abuse
  • Scopophobia – fear of being looked at
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