Poll: Should Courts Let People Conceal Their Tattoos On Trial?

We all know how it is. You’re out at the tattoo parlor. You’re torn between getting a huge “I heart mom” tattoo on your bicep and a tramp stamp of a butterfly (because you’re like that butterfly, so beautiful, and so destined to fly away.) Which to choose? Which to choose!? WHY IS THE PROCESS SO STRESSFUL? And then you’re like “wait. I’m going to cool it for a second. I need a compromise between these two things. I know. I’ll get an enormous swastika tattooed on my neck. Beneath my Frankenstein stitches.”

Well, people make choices.

Though, just a word of warning: before doing that, perhaps ask yourself if you might ever get into trouble with the law. And incidentally, if you are someone who naturally gravitates towards the swastika section of the tattoo book, there’s a good chance the answer will be ‘yes’.

And in the event that you do get into trouble with the law, that tattoo might bias juries. As it has with one Florida man who is on trial after being accused of stabbing his neighbor and killing a teenager. His lawyer noted that the man’s Neo-Nazi tattos might sway the jury, so the court is paying a make-up artist $125 a day to cover them up.

There’s a good point to be made that people should base trials off of evidence, and not off beauty procedures the defendant might have attempted. And it’s possibly that he’s a nice guy who just…likes swastikas? I don’t really know how to spin that. However, the trial could drag on for weeks, and the cost of paying the make-up artist to come in every day could be fairly considerable. How do you feel about it?

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    • Eileen

      I think he should be permitted to cover them up – I mean, it’s just make-up – but that he should have to pay for it himself.

    • Chandra

      It should be allowed – it’s no different to wearing a suit you wouldn’t normally wear, or any other kind of makeup to look more attractive. But the idea it’s getting funded by the taxpayer is stupid, what next – flat chested woman to get state-funded implants, so she can impress the males in the jury?!

    • MNiM

      I’m with Eileen and Chandra — yes, he should be allowed to cover them up, but he should have to pay for it himself.