I Might Be Willing to Violate My ‘No Furry Boots’ Rule For These

I have a very strict no-furry-boots policy. I think that they make just about everyone (well, except Kate Moss, of course) look like a dumpy cavewoman. But these Alain buckle shearling boots have all their fluff on the inside, which makes me think they’re the ideal footwear for slushy days. And they’re $250, which is more than I like to pay for boots, but considering I’d get a ton of wear out of them it almost seems worth it.


[Via Pixiemarket]

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    • Erin

      I concur that since the fluff is almost entirely internal – this is worth breaking the rule. They’re certifiably bad ass and adorable at the same time.

    • Desiree

      Those are not worth breaking the ban. The heal, toe structure and bottom buckle make them look like boots pilgrims wore while on the Mayflower. Speaking of buckles, with that many was the designer afraid the wearer’s feet would try to escape? Fashion negatives all around.

    • Chandra

      The boot on the right that’s viewed head-on (or toe-on?) looks worryingly orthopedic and rigidly chunky round the ankle – if there’d been a smidgen of contour there I’d have been sold on them, because I love the buckles, but really, who wants an expensive boot that gives you cankles, whether you have them or not?!

    • Renee

      I love :) too bad I can’t find them to buy anywhere on the net now :(