Celebeauty: Marilyn Monroe’s Diet

No one can seem to figure out what size Marilyn Monroe was. Maybe she was an 8, maybe she was a 4, maybe she was whatever Christina Hendricks is. She was some sort of a size. It was a good size. We’re pretty sure that if you follow her diet perfectly (as seen in The Bombshell Manual of Style) you’ll look exactly like her. And you’ll be hopped up on eggnog every night, which is awesome:


Orange juice or stewed prunes


2 slices of crisp toast with butter

1 cup of milk or cocoa


1 cup of milk, 1 cracker


1 egg any style or 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese

1 potato (baked or mashed) or spaghetti (no cheese) or 1/2 a cup of noodles (no cheese)

1 slice of stale toast or bread with butter

Jello or cooked fruit


1 cup of milk and cracker


Lean beef, or chicken, or lamb chop, or sweetbreads, or fish, or chicken liver

1 potato (any way but fried)

1/2 cup of tomatoes or beets, or carrots, or spinach, or string beans, or peas (pureed or strained)

1 slice of bread with butter


Junket or custard or tapioca or rice pudding or baked apple

Double Plus Dessert


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    • Monica

      you do that diet and then commit suicide. mixing carbs with proteins, no raw fruit or vegetables.

    • annie

      ew thatsssss NOT even appetizing

    • Jamie B

      I disagree. It actually sounds like a pretty good diet. It doesn’t blatantly cut out some section of food (like Atkins, for example) and has a lot of choices involved.
      There could definitely be more fruit and veggies though…

      I’m curious why it specifies “stale” toast at lunch. What effect does the staleness have on its calorie content?

      Also, what do you drink, other than the eggnog? Just water, or are you allowed juices and the like?

    • Evelyn

      It actually sounds like a diet to gain weight… I eat less than that.

    • Bubble

      If you add some fruits and veggies to each meal and take out some carbs, example, 1 piece of toast with 2 meals instead of three, and you have a diet for an athletic person, like she was when younger.