Gallery: Decembrow, Brought To You By Frida Kahlo And Feminism

Forget No-Shave November, our friends at Feministing are ushering in Decembrow. Because December is a time to put down the tweezers, and let your unibrow go free like a bushy holiday garland. Or, if you have naturally nice eyebrows (freak) you can use some eyebrow pencil to fake it, the way they do in Tajikistan. If you’re curious about how to rock this, consult the following gallery.

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    • Lisa

      Thank you kindly, Ms. Wright. I have been missing my tweezers for about a week now and finally, a reason not to panic at being too broke to buy another pair for a while!

    • Caramel

      Lamest crap ever. Beauty is not just being anemic and stripping down, its about appreciating other people’s ideas and respecting creativity. All the air headed models you have here could never draw one inch of something like Frida’s. So what if she doesn’t pluck her eyebrows? Some people don’t need their bodies to distinguish them because they have much more than just that.

      • Jennifer Wright

        Huh? This whole thing is pretty much a love note to Frida Kahlo.

    • Ugh.

      Sorry, but petty snobbery is never in style, the gloss.