Poll: Who Is Worse To Date, Actors or Musicians?

The Gloss was just having an informal roundtable discussion about terrible nineties alternative rock (namely, can we tell Puddle of Mudd from Nickelback?) (UPDATE: No), and when Jennifer said she had no clue about this stuff to begin with, Lilit cringed and said, “I dated some musicians in the nineties.” We all agreed this was a bad idea, because dating musicians generally means a sacrifice of any kind of, oh, I don’t know, reliability? Seems like there’s a laundry list.

“But,” she added, “I’ve never violated my ‘no actors’ rule.”

We unanimously agreed that this was a sensible policy.

And thus this utterly no-frills poll was born.

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • Jennifer Wright


    • Ashley Cardiff

      Actors are worse! They also don’t have the added benefit of playing an instrument, which is an effective distraction from being awful.

      • Jennifer Wright

        If actors make it big, you will get to go to movie premieres with them and get free swag. If musicians make it big, they will fuck groupies while doing heroin.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        No, actors will fuck groupies and do heroin too, they just have better publicists.

    • Girl

      It totally depends on the actor/musician.
      I like them both, personally. Specially musicians.
      But I’m biased because I’m a musician and like being in musicals which requires a bit of acting.

    • Meghan

      Musicians are the worst to date. Actors aren’t even an option: Like the diseased. And novelists.

    • Eileen

      I love music (mostly classical – band geek) and think there’s nothing wrong with dating a musician, as long as he’s primarily something else. An actuary who can play the tenor sax? Awesome. A doctor who doubles as a cellist? Also awesome. A lawyer who plays the trumpet? Probably an asshole, but that’s still cool.

      But trying to date a musician who is a musician will result in the following conversation:

      “So I’m depressed, but I don’t really want to get better. I don’t want to be like you, Eileen [or, erm, whatever your name is], because then I’d be happy, and I’d lose the part of me that is creative.”

      Although I will put out for anyone who is willing to put on a tux and go to a Wagnerian opera with me.

      • Jennifer Wright

        I find German Opera spork-me-in-the-eye boring but some Italian opera? With a hot dude in a tux? In an opera box? In a moment of oversharing, I would like to point out that this is basically my sex fantasy.

    • Laura

      I’ve never dated anyone who wasn’t an actor or a musician, and I can say with complete confidence that they are THE WORST. Actors are way worse though, cause every new play bring newer, younger chorus girls for them to sleep with.

    • Katie

      So does this mean I shouldn’t marry any of the Glee boys?

    • Emma

      Actors are like a different species of people. When I was in drama school (for costume design) one of the first things our professor told our class was “we don’t date actors.”

    • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

      Dude. If you didn’t vote for actors you’ve never lived in L.A. They are worse. For serious.

    • porkchop

      Put the two together, and you have the un-flushable toilet that is MUSICAL THEATER.