How Much Would You Pay for Kate Gosselin’s Haircut?

$20? $100? How about $500?

Well, you’re wrong. The answer is $2,000.

That’s right. Kate Gosselin paid two grand for this new haircut (pictured). To be fair, it might be worth the money to be finally free of that godforsaken reverse mullet she used to have.

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    • S

      Huh. And here I was thinking only poor people still had pay for things. It’s nice to see that celebrities get robbed blind for crap too. Especially crap that is a grown out “Rachel” cut from the 90′s.

    • Ellen W.

      Is this one mostly extensions too? If it’s her hair I think it’s worth about $20.

      • Lilit Marcus

        That was my guess, although I can’t really tell. That also isn’t her natural hair color, so maybe the dyeing/color touchups are pricey.