Video: The Person Who Took Video of Miley Cyrus Getting High Is an Asshole

I know you guys have heard about this video, but I don’t know if you’ve seen it. Well, here it is — Miley Cyrus hitting the bong. Her reps went on to say that she was smoking salvia, not weed, and her dad has gone on the record as sad.

But I’m here to tell you that what we can learn from this video is not a lesson about drugs, but about how to not be a complete asshole, courtesy of the person holding the camera.

Supposedly one of Miley’s friends, one of the first things this chick says as she begins filming is “I’m gonna document the shit out of this.” While I appreciate her turn of phrase, that is some fucked up shit. You can practically see this bitch’s eyes turn into dollar signs even without seeing her face, as she realizes that she is sitting on front of tabloid gold.

This “friend” goes on to egg Miley on to “be honest, tell us what’s on your mind, girlfriend, tell us what’s on your mind…talk to me, talk to me” to which Miley rightfully responds, “are you being as weird as I think you are?”

Finally, she tries to get Miley to hit the bong again, telling her that “you need to do more, you’re not as fucked up as you should be.”

So, sure, Miley could have asked her to turn the video off, and maybe Miley isn’t your favorite person n the world. But honestly? Palling around with someone with the sole intention of then selling them out (because that’s pretty much what this seems like) is dickface behavior — I don’t care who the person is. But IMHO, Miley Cyrus, while I’m not her target audience, doesn’t suck. Like, I wouldn’t feel bad for Mel Gibson if this happened to him. But Miley doesn’t deserve this. She should be able to smoke her “salvia” in peace.

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    • mileyfan!!!

      OH NO SHE SHOULDN’T, i have defended Miley Cyrus from EVERYTHING, but the bong!? I dislike, that people go to the point of using DRUGS,Miley, i love you and i think you should continue to be who you are, the cant be tamed, speaks her mind chick AND just because your going through a lot of criticism, and your parents divorce, and your finally an adult, that doesn’t mean you have to do that CRAP! whatever the fuck it was,*i know there will be an argument of some 1 who is gonna say she didnt smoke a drug* To me this was worst than a drug, i still love her, and i want to meet her some day, just DISAPPOINTED and i have never felt this way, i just don’t know how else to say it. it wont make a diff.i know but i hope she reads this and if you guys disagree with me, email me I may be stupid for posting this but i dont really care.** I agree that girl is a bitch for doing this crap to her BUT SHE SHOULDN’T BE DOING THIS CRAP IN THE FIRST PLACE! SHE IS A PUBLIC FIGURE!

    • mileyfan!!!

      I STILL THINK SHE IS THE BEST, but this is just a little… 2 much!!!

    • audrey

      Who cares if she smokes some weed. She’s not hurting anybody and if you smoked weed b/c you saw Miley Cyrus do it you probs won’t hurt anybody either. And you’re dumb.

      I mean it’s weed. She’s not drinking and driving.

    • Destiny

      Number one, weed doesn’t fucking hurt you as much as cigs and alcohol so stop bitching.
      Number two, she’s a human being just as much as the next person and she shouldn’t be judged. If people chose to let their kids listen to her, that’s their problem, most people aren’t as close minded as you.

      Number three, I agree entirely on this post.

    • mileyfan!!!

      Audrey and Destiny if your messages were towards me, i believe you guys do crap like this as well, RIGHT??? I feel for you and im not bitching, and i made it clear that this was my opinion on the matter and what i think doesnt make a difference to what she does, or any of you do so ill let you speak your mind and you let me speak mine k!!!!!!!!

    • Eileen

      My problem with this article is that if it’s a sucky thing to do, it’s a sucky thing to do to anyone. Your casual Mel Gibson reference implies that it’s okay to be a fake friend and treat someone like shit if he isn’t a good person and therefore “deserves it.” Although you qualify this comment by saying “I don’t care who the person is,” you obviously do, and that undermines the argument.

      • Goldie

        It’s a sucky thing to do even if done to someone shitty, like mel gibson. Just because it’s dickbag behavior doesn’t automatically win my sympathy. I feel sorry for miley because she’s eighteen, and everybody (obviously with the exception of miley’s superfan commenter below) does stupid shit when they’re eighteen. it counts a lot more when you’re an asshole who’s all grown-up (like mel gibson).

    • Lindsay

      But she’s just being Miley, guys.

    • Kat

      It was her decision to smoke weed/salvia or whatnot in front of other people, so I really don’t feel that bad for her. Although, she should choose her friends more carefully.

    • Leah

      She’s a kid. She doesn’t understand the consequences of her actions. She’s still learning about limits, right and wrong, what you can get away with, etc (hell, I still am!). Most of us were just lucky enough not to have the whole world watching our every move when we were going through this phase.

    • martin3065

      that person that took the video probably sold it to get money and he/she is not a real friend, they shouldn’t have done this. doesn’t deserve miley’s friendship

    • bigIDGAF

      i could understand if she was smoking meth or shooting up herion, but seriously…. the only reason marijuana is illegal is because the government can’t control its many uses and they dislike that it is out of their control if legal…. so why does everyone think it’s such a bad thing? so she hit the bong, BIG FUCKING DEAL. if you’re going to judge someone because they smoke pot, then you’re judging them for the WRONG thing. the fact that she’s a celebrity makes no difference. you’re a fucking idiot if you think that THIS makes her a bad person. i guarantee you that 99% of the people you look up to either drink, smoke pot, or do at least one of many other drugs, but you just don’t know it. find a real reason to judge somebody, something solid, because marijuana or “salvia” isn’t really the proper way to judge someone.

    • non

      i disagree, she is 18 right? who cares, actually after seeing that I GAINED some respect for the poor girl.

    • id tap

      Id still tap. Who cares if she smokes up I get high everyday son.