Poll: Do You Snoop?

Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. Over at YourTango, they’ve supplied a handy list of when it’s worth it to snoop on your S.O. and when it isn’t. But unfortunately, for those of us who are snoop-inclined, a little list isn’t going to make or break our will in the moment that we’re faced with, say, an email account left open or a cell phone left unguarded. (Or, in some extreme cases, just a computer left lying around. But that’s not me. Obvi.)

Snooping is, indeed, a powerful urge. I personally think that there might be some DNA coding to blame — a genetic mutation, if you will, that directly affects…I don’t know, personal morality?

Anyway, are you affected by this terrible, inherited malformation of coding?

P.S. If just seeing the image of an open diary makes you want to read it, then yes. You’re a snoop.

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • Leah

      I absolutely do not snoop ever, for 2 reasons;

      1) Nothing could possibly infuriate me more than the idea of someone going through MY shit when I’m not around. Like seriously, I would break up with a guy who went through my phone. It’s so disrespectful.
      2) Even if you found anything, what would you do about it? Call them out on it? They’ll know you found it by snooping, then you don’t really have the upper hand anymore. Always a bad idea.

      • porkchop

        me too! The main reason I don’t snoop is to keep paranoia about others looking through my stuff at bay.

    • Teenie

      eh, i dunno. if i see my boyfriends email inbox open, i’ll look at what’s there, but it usually stops at that because there’s never anything juicy. at all. same goes for my email/facebook/whatever. if he were to look through it he’d probably fall asleep pretty quickly. so i guess i don’t mind either way.