See Anything Unusual About This Model?

When I heard that Bosnian model Andrej Pejic had landed a Gaultier Ad campaign I thought… nothing. I thought she was one of that great herd of Lara Stone lookalikes. But then I realized that Andrej is a dude.

Not transgender. Just a dude. And a dude who is considered “a rising star” in the industry. It’s kind of amazing to consider that 50 years ago, being a man and having pictures of yourself taken in feminine poses was enough to get you ostracized (think Ed Wood) while now it will land you a Gaultier campaign. Go Andrej! Go society! Let’s just hope they don’t saw a gap in his teeth.

[UPDATE: The latest debate on Andrej]

- Jezebel

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    • Lilit Marcus

      I really thought the answer was going to be “it’s January Jones.”

    • kaylaandrena

      I thought this was Natalie Portman, when I first glanced at it…

    • Lea

      Dude looks like a lady.

    • Ellen W.

      If it means “strong” brows are more likely to stay acceptable I’m not sure I care. (That’s not true, I think it’s good they’re finally admiting the ideal body-type for a lot of fashion is “male.”)

      • Ellen K.

        Ha ha ha! @Ellen W., I agree it’s good they’re finally admitting the perfect female body is male, but I always thought it was more of a 6 year old male body. Not an adult male. Even adult males may have…gasp…a shape!

    • miri

      yes, well, the perfect female body in fashion industry was always a male type.
      and i agree on that in life in general.