Is This Okay: Tom Ford’s Little Girls For French Vogue

We’ve been really excited about everything leaked thus far from Tom Ford’s guest-editing stint at Paris Vogue, whether Crystal Renn as a plastic surgery addict or the return of Betty Catroux.

But this, this we’re not sure about.

Sure, everything about this image (and the accompanying editorial) is pretty standard for a fashion spread: a model is draped and adorned and heavily made up.  Only this model is a little girl.

Now, I know Tom Ford’s a cheeky, irreverent guy. Maybe the spread is as innocent as an exaggerated spin on the theme of little girls playing dress-up.  Or maybe it’s a satire of the widespread sexualization of child models.

Either way, the images are still kind of…. unsettling.

(Via Frockwriter)

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    • Danielle

      Meh. I’m not bothered by them. I think they’re cute and they remind me of when I was little playing dress up with my Mom’s clothes and makeup. I think what people may find unsettling are the poses of some of the girls rather than the actual make up and clothes.

    • Lindsay Cross

      Unsettling is definitely an apt word. Does Vogue have the right to run the pictures? Of course they do. Would I ever let me daughter be in a photo shoot like this? No, I would not.

    • Charley

      I would have to agree with Danielle – it’s the poses and the dead-eye faces that make this unsettling for me.

    • Miriam

      This is straight-up creepy.

    • D

      Im with Danielle on this one. As weird as they may be, they are completely covered and not in overtly sexual positioning. It just looks like little girls playing dress-up, really.

    • Lora

      I’m looking @ them right now and they are really creepy- just a bad bad idea.

    • Ellen W.

      Compare the facial expression on the right with the Paris Hilton slut-face (*not* the one in the slideshow) :
      I’m not sure it’s the same, but it’s similar enough to be kind of creepy.
      The one on the left, though, looks great to me. They’re “done-up” but the pose isn’t sexualized.

    • 78542

      If i learned one thing in my art class is to take a look at the surrounding and the meaning if a piece of art… and what i dont like is that the surrounding sets the mood or the message for a more sexual event than a fun little girls sleeping over party. The lion, the bunny and the eyes represent more of a sexual desire or attraction, adn the two girls in the mirrow might also represent something that is secret. The girl with the two bunnies pose as an invitation and fearless of what might come. And this is just not good. I support that the girls nowadays want to have shiny cute little things.. but if you take a look at this potogrpahy pieces and value them and analyze or critique them as pieces of art with its meanings.. well it definetely gives a more disrespectful message towards the innocence and life of the girls..

    • B.

      I love it on an artistic and fun scale, as I believe that art is a depiction of anything that can be fathomed by the mind and transcends limits by society to keep things fresh. But, conventionally, this publication is not ideal, especially when evaluating their facial and bodily expressions, or as 78542 puts it “the surrounding sets the mood or message.” How will parents around the world feel about messages being conveyed to their baby girls to be “fearless of nothing?”

    • taylor

      the playing grown up part is fine, is the sexual mood she puts on the photo that’s scary, not I mean seriously…she is way to young and her parents yes—her famous parents should be ashamed, but I’m sure they think is okay…otherwise this will never gotten published… Oh but she is bringing money, so shut up world…

      • Nancy

        I wonder what Jaycee Duggar would say about all this. She was only one year older when that pervert abducted and began all those years of sexual assault and imprisonment. I’m sure he is looking at these pictures with interest. I hope Thylane’s parents have good body guards for her until she gets past the stage where pedophiles are interested.

    • taraisaiddkfmrfnkivdkiknftg

      This little kid is toooo young

    • little zoyd

      This is a CRIME!!!!!!

    • little zoyd

      It’s an exploration, a crime. It’s such journals that encourage the practice of pedophilia. Chain to these people. As parents I am appalled that there are less love for his daughter in this exhibition