Are You, Or Would You Be, a Godparent?

I’m a pseudo-godparent. Because I’m Jewish, I can’t be the godparent to my friend “Karen”‘s son. But that gives me the best of both worlds – I know that she wants me to play a role in her child’s life, and I am not obligated to attend to his religious needs. Basically, I just get to do fun stuff like send presents. When he’s older, I hope I can do things like take him to the movies or a hockey game. (My friend lives in Raleigh; there’s a pro hockey team but no baseball or football.)

Do you have a godchild? If so, what is your relationship with him or her like?

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    • CurlySarah29

      I am a Godmother to a few kids – supposedly in the absence of the parents, I’m supposed to guide them in their spiritual journey… but I’m an atheist, so I question if I’m actually the best person for this role. Thankfully, I think my cousin and BFF actually considered it to be more of an “aunt” role than anything with religion.

    • Jamie B

      My two best friends are both “aunts” to my daughter (and other future children). I am/will be “aunt” to their children. None of us are really calling it “godmother,” but that’s what it boils down to – an extra parent that’s not really a parent but more of a friend. :D

    • Amy

      My best friend from college and I are godmothers to another close friend’s little boy. He’s almost 5 years old, and since none of us live in the same town (I’m out of state), I usually see him once or twice a year. We refer to ourselves as his fairy godmothers. At his baptism, the minister called us up to the front of the church and referred to us as his godPARENTS… so I’m pretty sure a bunch of people at a Methodist church in Mobile, Alabama, thought we were a couple. :)

    • AwkwardinOntario

      My husband & I were asked to be pseudo-godparents to a friends 1st child. We’re now no longer close with them but more like acquaintances that send a gift twice a year. I’d rather have nothing to do with them (b/c she’s a lying, conniving, pity-party) but b/c of the kid we feel the need to keep in touch.
      Is there a safe way to break up with a god-child & family?!