7 Reasons Not To Blow Someone Off

Our friends at TheFrisky have a list of “7 Perfectly Acceptable Reasons To Blow Someone Off.” We guess that’s good if you’re someone who really tries to make relationships work. Huh. That must be interesting. Some people believe in “holding on tightly, letting go lightly.” Other people believe in taking relationships and, at the first sign that something is amiss, flinging them across the room like hot potatoes while screaming “you tricked me into thinking you were perfect and scalded my hands, you fucking liar!” We are hot potato people, and sometimes, we’re too hasty. Here are some things that it’s maybe not worth blowing people off over.

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    • Lauren

      This was pretty funny! Cool blog.


    • Liz

      Love this. And I think that number seven is especially true. With my current boyfriend the first time we had sex I was somewhat (ok severely) underwhelmed. I liked this guy, and the sex was not good! This had to be an awful form of irony that I finally found a good guy, and we didn’t connect between the sheets. I decided to keep things up though, and I am SO glad I did! Time number two (and many times since) had me screaming in tongues of orgasmic delight. Trust me, everyone deserves a second chance.

    • leslie

      funny and i feel like googling handsome teacher. thanks! ; )