Poll: Would You Want a Proposal On a Holiday?

Sometimes, people get a crazy idea in their head that a special day — like, say, Christmas or New Year’s — is made more special by doing something like proposing marriage. What they don’t realize is that if your engagement anniversary falls on New Year’s, all you really have in the end is one less special day during the year.

That’s my opinion. But no doubt some people out there — some people, even, like you! — think that it’s romantic and wonderful to have your engagement ring be presented underneath some mistletoe, and then to remember every New Year’s as your special day (along with everyone else in the world).

What do you think? Would you want to combine a proposal with a major holiday?

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    • Eileen

      As long as it’s not Valentine’s Day. I HATE Valentine’s Day.

    • Kelly

      I think a proposal on Christmas would be sweet, but if you don’t want to say Yes than it could potentially be the worst Christmas ever. So that’s risky.

      Also – who celebrates their engagement anniversary? I’ve never heard of that…am I just totally oblivious??

    • S

      Kelly brings up a good point about being sure a ‘yes’ is coming, other than that I don’t see why it would be a problem…I mean, an engagement anniversary? Get over it. I think you would be hard pressed to find many married couples who celebrate an engagement anniversary. Do these people also celebrate their half birthdays?

    • kaylaandrena

      Who in the world celebrates their engagement anniversary? Are these the same people that celebrate their un-birthday? Many people complain that they can’t get their husbands to remember their wedding anniversary, and to make him remember an engagement anniversary just seems cruel. I can understand your point for the actual wedding, because then, yes, you are losing a special day.

    • Rose

      A proposal on a holiday would be absoultely great in the terrible event that things go south and you end up calling off the engagement. In most states, if the guy presented you with the ring on your birthday, Christmas, or valentine’s day, you can keep it as a “gift”, instead of giving it back to him, even if you’re the one who calls it off. Not that you would do anything so heartless.

    • Trish

      I’m with everyone else, who on earth celebrates an engagement anniversary? That just seems silly.

    • Sarah

      I am actually doing this this Christmas. My partner and I decided a while ago to get married, and our anniversary is Christmas, so I’m getting the ring and we’re telling our parents on Christmas day.

      His parents got married on New Year’s Eve, and they always got to use it as an excuse to hire a babysitter and go out for a fancy dinner. Not a bad deal indeed.

      Also, engagement anniversary = weird.

    • stephanie

      funny–my birthday is on valentine’s and my boyfriend’s is on christmas. we don’t mind squishing 4 major holidays into two, saves money…