Have You Ever Been Fired?

I have been fired twice, although the second one might not count. The first time was when I had a summer job at Gap Kids in high school. I let one of my friends use my discount and got busted. The second time I was the editor of a Jewish website. The site’s original funder decided he didn’t want to fund us anymore, and we walked into work one day only to find our boss there telling us we needed to pack up our stuff. (Side note: I kept running the site for free until someone else bought it, but that is a story for another day. That story will be entitled “Working for Free: Stupid Idea or Mildly Stupid Idea?”) While the whole staff was laid off, I had that same feeling of being kicked in the stomach, so I kind of count it.

Have you ever been fired? If so, did you deserve it or not?

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    • CurlySarah29

      I have been fired – and the reason was “because I had a bad attitude”. Guilty. I had a bad attitude because I was done with all of my work by 10am, and had to be there until 5pm every day… and when I’d ask for more work, I was given another project that would take me a few hours to complete and then sit, again, doing nothing for hours… and because they had such stiff security on the internet, I couldn’t sit idly while surfing all day (like at my current job). I was polite to everyone, always offered to help, took on more work when it was there; I had a bad attitude because at some point, you start to question your worth… and it gets depressing. So yes, I “deserved” to get fired, I guess. It was for the better anyhow.

      • Lilit Marcus

        I had a job like that. I ended up starting a blog. I am really, really talented at wasting time on the internet.

    • Rose

      I was fired from a retail job that I hated. I only took it because I needed an “internship” credit for the apparel merchandising department at my university, and hated every second. My boss was a nazi, I hated the merchandise, I hated retail. I planned to quit as soon as I got the credit I needed, but for some reason it still hurt when I was let go for my “bad attitude”. Thankfully, my boss gave me the credit I needed. He was just as happy to be rid of me, as I was to be rid of him.

    • Jamie

      Yup. I definitely deserved it, too. Best thing I’ve ever done to myself.

    • Nicole

      I was fired from my first job out of college. The funny thing was, they PRETENDED they were laying me off. My boss sat me down ( I later found out this was against the rules – there were supposed to be at least TWO employees present when letting someone go – and told me my position had been eliminated. Two weeks later, I had been replaced. Not sure why they bothered with the niceties…