Prince William And Kate Middleton Look Just Like Charles And Diana

Okay, so a few days ago we (Rational Jen and Asshole Jen) mentioned that we liked Kate and Wills engagement photo because it was so different from anything we would have seen from Prince Charles and Princess Diana when they were engaged. I guess by different we meant “essentially identical.” Huh. Well, now it seems sort of odd. Or maybe this is just the go-to, standard “engaged royal pose.” What do you think? – New York Daily News

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    • Sassafras

      The picture looks the same, but the one of Kate and William looks a LOT more intimate…a lot less posed. Best wishes for the happy couple!

    • Cosmo

      I agree with Sassafras. William and Kate look like two people who are genuinely in love. On the other hand, look at look at Price Charles! You might as well photoshop Diana out of that picture, and you’ll get a picture of Charles alone from which you wouldn’t even notice that something is missing…