Gallery: The 10 Worst Diets Ever

It’s the holiday season. Here’s a reminder to eat some gingerbread cookies and be glad you’re not on one of these terrifying diets.

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    • asireachforapeachslide

      re:tapeworm diet…Dr. Kwak?! LOL, the name says it all…must have been a gag gift or something huh?

    • Eve

      I thought Breathairianism was only a thing in Transmetropolitan (a comic book). Jeeze.

    • Wilson Casey

      I lost 50 pounds nicotine realted.

      From Guinness World Record Holder and Professional Researcher, WILSON CASEY

      Brand New Release:

      The Cigar Diet? How I Lost 50 Pounds w/o the “D” Word!

      Controversial? YES ….. Recommended? NO ….. Results? YES ….. Good for You? NO

      Being the “Trivia Guy” with Guinness World Record holding credentials, I often get asked a lot of questions. I’m supposed to know the answers to most everything. I don’t! Though most are brainteaser and trivial attempts to stump me, they really don’t “hold a candle” as of late to the queries regarding my 50 pounds of weight loss. Yes, me, I’ve lost 50 pounds! And I did it without mentioning, trying, or referring to the “D” word (diet). How, do you say? Has this “Trivia Guy” solved this mystery that baffles and afflicts so many of us?