Crystal Renn May Have Lost Some Weight

Here’s former plus-size model Crystal Renn in Zac Posen’s pre-fall lookbook. Maybe this is some Photoshop fuckery or maybe Crystal Renn is officially tiny. Since so much has been made of Renn’s weight loss (and, frankly, I think she’s stunning at any weight) I’ll just abstain from commenting and put up an older photo of Ms. Renn for comparison so you can decide how you feel from there.


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    • Sarah

      I don’t care about her losing weight, but I do think people need to stop calling her plus size now. It’s unhealthy for teen girls to look at her in Zac Posen’s lookbook and think she’s “fat.”

    • Morgan

      I agree with Sarah. I’m 20 years old and look at the Zac Posen picture and think “That’s plus sized? Well then I must look huge and I’m a size 6″. I can’t imagine what teenage and pre-teen girls must be thinking. Personally, I think her face looks so much more beautiful in her “heavier” picture. She just looks in pain in the Zac Posen one.

    • Hannah

      I personally feel that when she was heavier she looked stunning, but as a ‘normal’ model she doesn’t have anything that sets her apart from all of the other thin models out there. But at the end of the day, it is her body and if she feels more comfortable that this new weight then we should be supportive that she is content.