Poll: Would You Sunbathe Topless?

Our friends over at The Frisky reported today on a group of French women who are protesting their right to go topless by attempting to get men at local swimming holes to put on bikini tops. The protest seems to be going well, with some men donning the tops bemusedly and others suggesting that the ladies bare their breasts in the name of equality instead.

The whole story reminded me of when I was in France as a young, naive college student, and got so sunburned that for the one day that I was at a topless beach I couldn’t take my shirt off at all, let alone flaunt my 20-year-old breasts. So sad — such a missed opportunity.

But anyway, what about you? If topless sunbathing were legal here in the states across the board (which I believe it should be, for the record), would you do it? Or would you rather keep the girls under wraps?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • shhh

      yep. gonna do it at gcp, when its not freakin freezing tho

    • Emily


    • jo

      done it. love it.

    • Thau

      Did it in Spain. It’s excellent.

    • Sam

      come on ladies, be truthful! I can’t believe that a majority of you would go topless if it was legal. maybe the people who read this site are all francophiles. it is legal in many U.S. states but you don’t see women taking advantage of it on any given beach. as a American man, I can say that it was great to see French women freely baring their breasts at the beach. The thing is, it was totally anticlimactic, which is the way it should be. it’s like i expected myself to be turned on, but it really wasn’t that exciting. i just admired them. what’s wrong with that? men wouldn’t be so obsessed with breasts if it was more normal to see them.

      • miss virgin

        i LOVE SAM´comments

    • John

      Bring breast out of the closet and into the good’ol America sunlight would be a healthy experience. It is a normal activity. A women who feels nake is a women who’s discoverd her own definition of beauty she knows that it ultimat a personal attitude.