Man Who Wrote Pedophile Guide Arrested

Well, this comes as a surprise to exactly no one. Phillip Greaves, the man who wrote and self-published the highly controversial “The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: A Child-Lover’s Code of Conduct,” which was briefly sold on Amazon back in November, has been arrested.

Florida officials went to his home in Colorado after he sent them a copy of the book, which, according to CNN, had information and guidelines for “safe sex and avoiding injury to children, grooming and preparing children for sex, and teaching children how to lie to their parents.”

What did he do to finally warrant arrest? Grady Judd, the sheriff of Polk County, FL, explains that officers headed to Greaves’ house after reading the contents of the book:

“If there’s anything that should outrage this country and this community, that should be it. It did us, and that’s why he’s in jail today,” he said in a video accompanying the CNN article.

Now, I’m no lawyer, so there may be nuances about this case that I’m missing. But I’m pretty sure that having a badge doesn’t give you the right to arrest anyone who pisses you off, even if they piss you off because they’re a pedophile who wrote a how-to guide. No one likes pedophilia — we can all agree on that. But arresting someone because you’re a cop and you feel like it seems like a pretty loose interpretation of the law.

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    • Eileen

      Maybe the book contains some true confessions about his own child loving? Normally I’d assume a someone not to be stupid enough to confess to a crime in print, but writing a how-to guide for pedophiles and then mailing a copy to the police demonstrates some pretty severe intelligence-challenged-ness.

      • Lindsay Cross

        Ok, aside from the awfulness of this whole situation and story… Intelligence-challenged-ness. That’s so wonderfully nice and PC of you. It’s why you’re one of my very favorite comments to read everytime! I think TheGloss needs an Eileen-appreciation Day!

    • Amy;s Cooking Adventures

      Clearly this is a very sick individual. The mere fact that he wrote such a book attests to the fact. He deserves to be locked up for the rest of his life if not in jail, then in the loony bin somewhere!

      Amy’s Cooking Adventures

    • L

      …Yeah, I just can’t feel sympathy. It’s about damn time.

    • Emily

      The book may be seen as child endangerment? They’ll find something to charge him with.

    • Rose

      but how much of the Police investigator’s statement was paraphrased/omitted here? he wouldnt get arrested for not being liked, that would fall apart in court, obviously theres more to the story than this. im guessing theres evidence to pin him which is not yet being made public. the Officer could be more professional with his statements however.

    • Ola

      OK. I wish nothing but the worst on that piece of horse shit author, BUT you’re right about the legal aspects. I’m from Polk County, and Judd is pretty much a narcissistic douche, who turns every thing into a cock sucking contest for the conservative morons who live here.