Sink or Swim: Katie Holmes At Gemma In New York City

Sometimes I’ll like an outfit but feel that it definitely has some flaws.

Sometimes I’ll think someone is kind of pulling something off that might approach Disaster territory on someone else.

But I get the most satisfaction out of posing Sink or Swims when I honestly don’t have a fucking clue what’s going on.  Or how I should feel. Or why this is happening to me.

Here’s Katie Holmes as Tom Cruise escorts into the Bowery Hotel’s resident Italian joint Gemma.

So: her trousers are flattering and fall at an of-the-moment crop. Her shirt is crazy and confusing and sheer. Her jacket is really chic and classic and cool and then all of a sudden… BAM! Leather Sleeves! Fuck you! Also, a brown bag with an all-black ensemble? I understand that’s possible but I don’t think this is an example of success.


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(photo by Splash News via dListed)

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    • Lindsay Cross

      If it wasn’t for the sleeves, I think I could love this. But yea… those sleeves… Why would you do that?

    • Jenny

      Man, she looks rough and he looks reeeeally creepy in this shot.

    • L

      I won’t pretend I know anything about fashion. With that out of the way, I like her pants. I like her coat. I love trenches, and I kind of like the sleeves. They add some variety. Now I’m going to verbally berate her and laugh evilly.
      1. See through, possibly sequined shirt with no camisole or some sort of cover keeping people from seeing your midriff is just NO. I hate it. Hate it.
      2. Tom Cruise is a terrible accessory on anyone. Ha ha! Burn!