10 Things I Learned About Sex in Outer Space

This academic paper over at the Journal of Cosmology is a little bit dense (and I got a C in astronomy, so there’s that). However, I did manage to learn some pretty cool things about sex, ovulation, and reproduction in outer space. And then I was super grateful I didn’t become an astronaut.

1. NASA hasn’t banned space sex, per se.

NASA has no policy regarding sex in space and its repercussions (Office of Audits, 2010), other than to request, in 2008, that astronauts voluntarily abide by an “Astronaut Code of Professional Responsibility” and maintain “a constant commitment to honourable behaviour.”

2. Ladiez only exist to get knocked up.

Biologically, females serve one purpose: to get pregnant (Joseph 2000a, 2001a,b, 2002).

3. But human ladiez always want to do it.

However, the human female is also the only female regardless of species, who is sexually receptive at all times and who has evolved secondary sexual characteristics, e.g. the enlarged breasts and derriere, which signal to males and females alike, her sexual availability (Joseph 2000a,b).

4. … but not always with you.

Like other mammals, human females are “choosy” and prefer sex with high status males who can offer prestige and resources (Buss, 1994; Betzig, 1985; Betzig et al., 1988; Symons, 1979; Townsend, 1989).

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    • Kate

      This sounds like terrible, terrible science. I’d be fairly dubious about this guy and/or the journal.

    • jm

      that was the most ridiculous article i have ever freaking read. you are an idiot of all idiots!!!

    • Allison

      Don’t listen to JM…the title alone made this article worth reading! Loved it. Haha.

    • Jamie

      Check out the website. Looks like it was made using Geocities or someshit.

    • Logan

      I think 11 is the most accurate thing on that list.

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