Video: ‘The View’ Has Advice for Dealing with Neighbors Who Have Loud Sex

I don’t know if the ladies of The View are people I would take sex advice from – Elisabeth has repeatedly said on national television that the only form of birth control she uses is “taking a long time to brush her teeth and hoping her husband falls asleep” and Sherri never misses a chance to complain about how she hasn’t gotten laid. That said, what is the proper way to deal with neighbors who have super loud, annoying sex? I wouldn’t learn it from watching this clip, because on The View “advice” is code for “rambling nonsensical off-topic ramblings.”

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    • Ms. Pants

      Vids are blocked at work, but it might be interesting to see what Elisabeth would suggest for neighbours who constantly fight and scream in front of their giant bay windows so that their neighbours can see all their angry glory. My friend in New York lives across from Hasselbeck and her husband and those two fight like cats and dogs–ones that never bother to pull the shades.

      • Lilit Marcus

        I love this comment so much.