Brian Lichtenberg Skirt Horrifies Internet, Gets Pulled

Earlier this week, Fashion Binge posted a picture of this Brian Lichtenberg “Gizmo” skirt, a $2,100 tweed monstrosity possibly named after a gremlin. Fashion Binge’s Tamar Anitai called it “the most terrifying skirt ever created,” and she’s right.[That didn't stop Lady Gaga from reportedly buying one, though.]

However, perhaps the folks at Alice & Chloe (the online retailer selling the Lichtenberg skirt) might have agreed with Anitai’s assessment: the skirt is no longer available on their website. Coincidence? It certainly didn’t sell out, as many other sold out products by Lichtenberg still appear on the site with “Sold Out” notices.

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    • Veronica Parker

      Very ugly indeed..eww

    • L

      Hot damn.

      …I was going to make a joke about wanting it, but I’m too baffled to be funny. I’m not sure I could wear it even in jest, because I’d accidentally look down and scream “WHAT IS COMING OUT OF MY CROTCH?!” Probably also has the potential to frighten small children.

    • Girl

      That’s AWESOME.
      Fashionable, no. But certainly fun to wear.

    • Rebekah Mae

      It’s so ugly it’s cute!

    • CYRICE

      I loved it until I found out Lady GaGa bought one.