What Lipstick Would Greek Goddesses Wear?

NYX Cosmetics has an entire lipstick collection where the colors are named for Greek gods and goddesses (and other mythological characters like Ulysses and Echo). There’s a bombshell red for Electra, a kitten pink for Narcissus, and a rose-inflected taupe for Circe. I was a kid who named all my stuffed animals after characters from mythology, so I’m already in love with this whole collection. Beginning with Aphrodite, of course.

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    • Eileen

      Other than the obvious – pomegranate for Persephone – I’m totally at a loss. But I can definitely see myself (and my sisters) going through and critiquing this list, if only we weren’t at Grandma’s without wireless for the holidays.

    • c

      well this is an Italian painting of a Roman goddess so it seems a bit off for this discussion