Design: The Kurt Cobain Pillow

If there’s one thing that I’ve always thought has been missing from my home decor scheme, it’s pillow renditions of my favorite rock heros from the early 1990′s. Fortunately, I can now remedy that, thanks to this Kurt Cobain throw.

And I shall dress him in flannel.

By Casa Rex

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    • vanderleun

      Good deal and after he’s cozy help him stick a shotgun in his mouth and pull the trigger. What a rock god! What a role model!

      • rammers

        vanderleum, perhaps you’re a social worker? or a plain jerk…suicide is NEVER a funny or coy subject….altho courtney coming up with unbelievable means of still making money on her late husband still amazes me….take a stance people, she’s loaded, don’t buy this ridiculous atifact and donate money to a favorite CHARITY…courtney isn’t one of them, Kurt’s name and image are copywrited…i still love Kurt, his gift of music and compassion towards others…not a throw or a pillow

    • L

      My mom HATES Kurt Cobain.

      I think I’ll get her this for her birthday.

    • Lexie

      J’adore. But way to tease me with something that I cannot buy. For shame, Gloss.

    • rammers

      BTW, suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem…pls remember that ox…i am a therapist, seek help from any and everyone who cares about you…a suicide of lasts a lifetime for those of us left behind too…i know too well…unless you’re courtney $$$$ love$$$$$