Poll: Do You Buy Holiday Gifts for Pets?

It’s almost Christmas. You got a gift for your mom, your dad, and your brother, but did you also get something for the family dog, cat, or hamster? When I was a kid, we wouldn’t get a present for our cat, but his ‘present’ was getting to dive into the pile of discarded wrapping paper and shredding it with his claws. (He was the kind of cat who would ignore an expensive cat toy in favor of, like, a wadded-up roll of paper, so there you go.)

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    • marissa

      there is no option for “yes, i buy for every pet in my life!” It’s like no one realizes what the season is about anymore. I bought presents for my former roommate’s cats, parents’ cats and fiance’s parents’ dog, and of course, my cat mila.

    • Andrea

      Not only did my dog get gifts for Christmas this year, he has a stocking, winter sweater and Christmas pajamas. He also got a birthday party and birthday gifts….it’s sick, I know.

    • Miss Elaineous

      We gift wrapped a pack of toilet paper for the cats. We’ll let them have a shredding party for Christmas because all the other times they shred the toilet paper they get in trouble!

    • Aj

      I don’t personally buy gifts for my family’s two dogs, but my mother and grandmother do get them big dog-stockings filled with dog toys. They wrap the stockings up in wrapping paper and they like to tear it off like your cat did, which is why I don’t buy them presents because the most amount of time they spend on the actual toy is MAYBE 4 minutes, where as they could tear at the paper for hours if you let them.

    • Lorraine

      I realized recently that I bought presents for all of my friends’ pets and totally forgot their actual kids! That definitely shows my priorities.

    • elisa

      Yep. I bought my cat some of his favorite Pounce treats and a catnip toy.

    • Girl

      No, but I let my cat eat some of whatever delicious food we have. Tomorrow it’ll be sardines in the morning and lamb for dinner.

    • Anon

      My dog is spoiled! He gets a stocking full of treats and toys. I also buy for my parents dog, but not friends’ pets. What can I say? They’re easy to buy for! :-)

    • Maria

      I don’t buy my animals Christmas presents, and I work in a pet supply store.

    • jacy

      umm why isn’t there an option for those of us who buy gifts for our own pets as well as treats for the pets of relatives? It’s not right for there to be two ‘no’ options ):