• Fri, Dec 24 2010

The Top 25 Red Carpet Looks of 2010

Black and white and blue all over… just like the runways instructed, cobalt was ubiquitous this year. Here’s a gallery of our 25 favorite looks from the red carpet this year, which run the gamut from Diane Kruger’s stunning minimalism to Tilda Swinton’s avant garde silhoutte and a whole lot of electric blue blue in between.

[Ed. Note: Not all of this is technically "red carpet." Regarding that: why nit-pick when today it's socially acceptable to be drunk already??]

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  • faye

    Agree with everything except Kelly Osborune: she looks great but the dress is boring.

  • kjon

    Love it all except Michelle Williams. Nothing personal obv! She looks great most of the time.

  • Jean

    Seriously? Were the things on this list chosen at random from a database of celebrity pictures, or do you all actually think these were the best red carpet looks of all of 2010?