• Mon, Dec 27 2010

The Greatest Fashion Campaigns of the Decade, Part I: 2000-2005

Pick up any fashion magazine and you’re inundated by campaigns: usually a beautiful, thin woman dressed immaculately, photographed in some glamorous way. But what separates a truly great campaign from the hundreds that clog women’s glossies every season? It’s simple: a great campaign makes you forget that you’re being advertised to. When a great model, a great photographer and a great idea come together, the results are something we remember for years. This is Part I.

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  • EvaKnox

    As much as I adore Marc Jacobs, I don`t think he`s had the best campaigns so far. Guess I`ll just vote for McQueen and Chanel :)


  • Lindsay Cross

    I love this! I can still remember that Chanel campaign.