Random Photo: The Anti-Fashion Shirt

Using the iconic double Cs to claim that you know nothing about what they represent: meta, or genius?

[Via The Frisky]

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      Um, I’m sorry, but I’m naming myself awesomer than someone who would wear this shirt. My closet (more like the top of a bookshelf-I DON’T NEED NO CLOSET) consists of MEN’S XXL shirts, one of which is Mario themed, another has a drawing of a twinkie on it, and another one has an excerpt of Dr. Seuss’s “One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish” in SPANISH, all bought from TARGET. I still wear my mother’s faded, hand-me-down Dragon Ball Z t-shirts. I didn’t realize the double-c’s were even supposed to be Chanel’s logo until I reread the post. I win, indie/emo/”no one understands me and my gigantic glasses that I don’t need” kids.
      Rant over, my bad. Three-fourths of that probably wasn’t even relevant to the post, but now we all know where I stand when it comes to fashion.