Food Is Fashionable: Diet Coke Nail Polishes

You guys, I wish Jennifer’s birthday was today so I could buy these for her. In a collaboration aimed for the heart of all fashionistas, Diet Coke has produced four branded nail polish colors for their City Collection: Cool Caramel, Delicious Denim, Perfect Plum, and Heavenly Heather Grey. The collaboration premieres on January 12 and will be available at Boots stores. As far as I can tell, there aren’t any Boots stores in New York (they’re a UK-based chain), but Target carries a lot of their products. Fingers crossed that these polishes make it to our side of the pond.

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    • L

      Must remember that like Play-Doh, these aren’t edible. But it’s not like the company is helping me out much with words like “caramel” and “delicious”.

    • Jillian

      Why is there not 6 oz. of nail polish so the cute little 6 oz. Diet Coke’s could be sold with it? Or at least a spritz of of cola could come out of the top of the bottle so you could get a taste of the sparkle that is Diet Coke.

    • Caroline

      Target carries the Boots Brand. Only place you can get it.

    • b

      you have to buy two bottles of diet coke, so i dont think you would get them. aswell nails inc is a british brand