• Thu, Dec 30 2010

Video: Introducing Pajama Jeans

What’s the exact opposite of jeggings? The answer is pajama jeans, a product I’ve seen roughly 137 commercials for since being at my parents’ house for the holidays (and watching an obscene amount of People’s Court reruns).

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  • L

    I. Want. Them. I may just be getting them for my birthday. Neener neener, fashion-conscious anti-comfort sheeple!

  • Gimmy

    I…… don’t even know what to think any more. I don’t think ‘pajama jeans’ are two separate words any more. I just have a constant cycle of ‘pajamajeanspajamajeanspajamajeans’ going round and round in my poor tired mind.

  • Marisa

    I don’t see the difference between jeggings and pajama jeans…