Kim Kardashian Pairs Her Birkin with … Uggs?

Image via WENN

I’m all for the mixing of high and low in fashion. But Kim Kardashian’s pairing of Uggs and a Birkin bag is sort of like wearing a custom-made Chanel gown hand-embroidered by Karl himself and then barfing all over it.

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    • Barbie

      I HATE these BLOODY boots!!!! I have one pair and I wear them with a curtain outfit… My pet peeve about these boots is… that people don’t wear socks or footlets! I know you can wear with without socks, but people seem to think that they don’t have to wash their feet or they forget to air them out or at least put some foot powder in their Uggs! People who wear them all the time think the are chic! To me it’s just being a slob!