Good Idea or Bad Idea: Car Tattoos

It’s not enough for companies to sell beauty products to people. They think your car needs a makeover too. First, it was carlashes. Now, customers who purchase the new Ford Focus will be able to add a “tattoo” decal to the car. Ford has 200 available designs so far, made on vinyl that can be ‘wrapped’ around the car’s exterior. You can see an example of one in this photo.

Would you ever give your car a ‘tattoo’? If so, what would the image be?

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    • L

      They’re all kind of boring, really. If I could get a custom one, I think it would be of Chuck Norris.
      Everyone would let me pass because they know I’ll pass them anyway. Oh yes.
      Actually, in a Lowe’s parking lot I once saw a yellow Punch Buggy, with red lights, and it had Pikachu’s face painted on it. I loved that car.
      And I think Carlashes could blind someone and cause a crash.

    • jimmy

      i tibnk it’s awesome — i got some tatts from here:

      chuck norris-LOL!