Would You Wear Kat Von D’s Lipstick?

I think the real question here is: who in the history of the world has ever even noticed Kat Von D’s lipstick?

Anyone? Because I’m almost sure 99% of the population was looking at her tattoos. And if they weren’t looking at her tattoos, weren’t they noticing that he lipstick was bright red while this lipstick she designed for Sephora is… a tasteful taupe? Don’t get me wrong, I like the color. I would wear it. But I have no idea how this would appeal to people who wanted to get Kat Von D’s look, because to me it screams more “Greenwich Matron” than “hardcore biker chick.”

Well, I guess her name is written in kind of a funky font. There’s that.

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    • epilonious

      My brain, being the dark and scary place that it is, just offered up the witticism “Maybe it’s not for her face…”

      Part of me wants to giggle… part of me wants to drink mouthwash just to punish my brain.

    • Kate

      Though I am not a tattooed chick, I have her lipstick in Misfit which is the perfect warm red. Her lipsticks are really pigmented and have great staying power without being drying.

    • Getting Old

      I never knew anything about Kat until Jesse burned Sandra. Then pranced Kat about town to drive the knife into Sandras back more. That is when I noticed Kat’s make-up. At first it resembled the make-up they used in the morturay and drag queens wear. Now that I am older I think I can use it to cover my old age spots. Thanks.

    • Kelly

      I don’t know about the lipstick, but I have her eyeliner in “proud peacock” and it is awesome!

    • http://MsBehaved.Com/ Bianca James

      I have her Adora lipstick. It’s like red foil! Love it!