Your Katy Perry Without Make-Up Talking Points

This weekend, Russell Brand posted a picture of his wife, Katy Perry, without make-up on Twitter. He quickly took them down, but the picture went viral all the same because, hey, it’s Katy Perry without make-up. I suppose this picture could make you A) like her more or B) like her less. Here are some reasons to go either way:

I like her less now because:

She clearly freaked out about having one picture of herself without make-up up online.

I look better than this when I first wake up. She’s a celebrity. She should be prettier.

She looks like some girl I went to high school with, who I did not like.

I disapprove of the fact that she is clearly airbrushed in most of her pictures. I just realized this now.

I think her pillows are ugly.

I like her more because:

She is clearly married to a jackass

Hey! I look this good or slightly better when I first wake up!

She looks like some girl I went to high school with, who I liked.

I really enjoy “Stars: They’re Just Like Us!” features. I do. I wish she was carrying a bag of groceries, here.

Being woken up to someone taking pictures of you seems pretty horrible.

What are you talking about? She’s still adorable. Why are people making such a big deal out of this?

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    • L

      I think she should get a divorce. Not funny. It’s even worse that everyone is “eww”ing over this. Yes, how dare she not wear makeup while SLEEPING. It’s not making me feel any better about my own consistently not made-up self. It seems that if I’m not wearing sixteen coats of paint on my face, I’m hideous.
      This entire debacle makes me hyperventilate. Furiously.

    • Eileen

      Choice A, Reason 1. Is it a gorgeously flattering picture? No. Is it worth throwing a fit about? No. She has clear skin and clean hair; what’s the big deal? Did she think we assumed her hair was naturally blue?

    • Renae

      I don’t see anything wrong with this picture. She doesn’t look like a swamp monster, but she is making a weird face like “honey, what the hell are you doing?” This picture is unflattering, but not scandalous.

    • porkchop

      you are so funny!

      Now that this picture is forcing me to relate to her as a fellow human being, I feel more irritated by her songs.

    • Elizabeth

      Wow. Bitchy attacks on a celebrity’s looks. Both hilarious, and creative. How do you do it?…

    • Andrew

      Ok let’s be real here. Does any guy really look at her face even when she has makeup on?? I mean…that isn’t the part of her body she is selling us!

    • ThatGirl

      How about this: I like her more and you and Russell less. Much less.

    • Theresa

      Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, is that her! Poor girl!

    • Istvan

      LOL!! Most amazing post ever

    • kkkkkkkk :)

      Okay, trust me non of us look beutiful early in the morning! & mayeb it was just aa bad shot of her, but i think she is stil naturaly prettty! :) & everybody has to agreee Russel is a jerkkk! No matter what i think she is very pretty with & without make upp! Also, i agree very much with the post above me adn the one before thatt :) ^^^^

    • Person

      I really think you should delete the I like her less part because Katy Perry with or without make-up is still Katy Perry. It doesn’t really matter what you look like, it’s inside. Katy Perry is an awesome singer and is a perfect inspiration for everyone. Plus, you’re forgetting the fact that celebrity or not you don’t need to go comparing yourself to her in who looks better, she’s a human being as well. BTW, at least she’s providing entertainment and music, think about it, being famous isn’t easy, you have to give your whole life to the public and all they do is say “ewwww” about looking like what everyone usually looks like in the morning. There’s no need to compare, we’re all different.

      • cinday

        you are deep…
        and cool

      • Juan

        yes what an inspiration. singing about letting men use you for sex, that’s what we want the women of america doing! woo hoo!

    • Jonny C

      LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL…. if only this post was about her pillows and not her

    • Sunny

      I know I’m late to the party here, but I have to say it…posts like this are why The Gloss will never really be a great women’s website. I’m pretty neutral on the subject of Katy Perry, but honestly? Jennifer, you’re not as charming as you seem to think you are.

    • pearly whites

      I think she is great with or without makeup. Her smile is beautiful.

    • By Kinii

      None of us look perfect and Im sorry but everybody looks like crap in the morning and everybody looks better with make up and i love katy perry and this is just an ugly picture all of us have disgusting pictures she probabely looks better. And wtf ew? Shes not gonna wear makeup every single minute just because she is famous……

    • me here

      She really does need to cake on that make up. She is one ugly bitch.

      • lilo g

        gurl or boi dont sayin shit when u dont look at urself first i bet ur uglier dan her n even if she doesnt have makeup she still look better dan u

    • Sophie Power

      I love you so much I’m one of your favourite fans i would love to go to one of your concerts love Sophie

    • HELIS

      Seriously?? Looks like shit

    • Sally

      She’s really beautiful even without make up. it’s just her face expression which made her looking like ugly

    • L_S

      I like her with or with out make up, to me it’s nore about their music then how they look. If they have talent and style then it’s a complete package. I’ll agree it’s not a flattering pic but at least she has the confidence to be ok with out wearing a tone of make up all the time. Give celebs a break once in a while, so what if they want to go aux natural for a day or two. They are not going to look perfect all the time. I think it’s a good thing that celebs can show that they have flaws too and makes them more relatable. You all should have a good look in the mirror when you wake up, before you say any thing about how any one else looks with out make up.
      But on the other hand Russle is a complete jerk for invading her privacy and posting pics like that, but then maybe he thought she looked pretty with out make up.
      It’s supposed to be about what is on the inside, but as you can see from the posts, it only takes a few seconds to judge what is on the out side.

    • jane

      Looks just like a makeup free Twiggy from the band Marilyn Manson…fug fug fug.

    • Arnold

      She is beautiful without make up, she looked bad because she were pulling off this face.
      This is a picture of her without make up in Hawaii.

    • Arnold

      Katy Perry hawaii

    • James