Poll: How Much Do You Care About Cleanliness?

Sometimes, in relationships, we find that our partner is less of a neat freak than we are. And by less of a neat freak, I mean, doesn’t notice dust bunnies until they are usurping his or her place on the couch.

Once we’re in established relationships or marriages, these kinds of disagreements are kind of already what we signed up for. But when you’re just getting to know someone, would you end things if you found out that they lived in a perpetual Pigpen-like state?

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    • Emily

      I’d like to marry someone who likes to clean, because then I wouldn’t have to.

      Although it seems my boyfriend and I are destined to happily wallow in filth together.


    • L

      I’m not exactly prim-my desk space is kind of messy, and there are books thrown around and dust, also dog hair-but I NEED two bathrooms. I will never live in a home without two bathrooms, even if I live alone. And they have to be away from the kitchen and dining room. I’m obsessive about my space to the point that I may never be able to live with anyone because I will explode if something doesn’t look right.
      Basically, I’m cool with mess as long as it’s mine.